Agriculture Centre

Welcome to Houghall's fantastic agricultural centre!

Found just outside Durham city centre, Houghall's been around for over 80 years. Over that time, we've built up our reputation for delivering amazing land-based education, including training countless students in agriculture.

In modern times, our agriculture centre is absolutely state-of-the-art. In 2019, the college invested a whopping £3.5 million into redeveloping our agriculture centre, bringing agriculture closer to the college's main entrance and ensuring our facilities are of the highest standard.

Our facilities are completely true-to-life. We have a full, working farm where you'll gain experience of work, just like you would when you leave college.

You can expect to find all of the following at Houghall's agriculture centre:

  • Pig Unit - complete with air conditioning
  • Cattle Unit - with 6 large pens and forage storage
  • Crop storage - secure facility for storing harvested crops
  • Huge Estate - with acres upon acres of arable land
  • Crop Growing - including winter wheat, barley, spring beans and lupins
  • Sheep Unit - with lambing season every year
  • On-site butchery to process meat - supplying the college canteen and Durham University
  • Agricultural Machinery - including tractors and seed bed preparation machinery

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