Sport Scholarships

Sport scholarships at East Durham College are available to absolutely any student who joins one of our sport development centres.

Regardless of ability, all students are eligible for the bronze packages, and for exceptional athletes, we have silver and gold packages available too.

Read on for a full breakdown of what you can expect at each level:

Bronze Package

Our bronze package is available to all students that apply to take part in one of our sport academies.

This includes:

  • Discount on player kit, worth up to £350 (means tested)
  • FREE Gym membership, worth £450
  • 8 to 12 hours per week of coaching led by ex-professionals and our highly-qualified coaching staff
  • FREE on-site physiotherapy
  • FREE bus pass worth £800
  • Attendance bursary cash reward of £100 per year, rising £360 (£10 per week) for students from households with an income of £25,000 or below
  • Progression Coach to help you develop academically and to support you with course progress, careers advice and your UCAS application if you wish to go on to university

Silver Package

To be eligible for the silver package, you should be a current club player with the potential to develop further.

You'll receive all of the bronze package benefits outlined above, as well as:

  • Extra strength and conditioning training with our fully-qualified staff
  • Pilates and exercise classes designed to improve fitness and flexibility
  • Sports nutrition and psychology workshops designed to help athletes reach their goals

Gold Package

To be eligible for the gold package, you should be currently playing at County standard or above.

You'll receive all of the bronze and silver package benefits outlined above, as well as:

  • Full training kit sponsorship for your specific sport
  • Opportunity to study towards relevant coaching or officiating awards
  • Fitness testing and performance analysis
  • Opportunities with professional or semi-professional sporting organisations via our great network of links and partnerships

Depending on performance, students have the opportunity to progress through the scholarship levels.

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