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A photo of Lee Stafford holding some tongs in a salon, with the Lee Stafford Education logo, which is pink and features the outline of a Staffordshire bull terrier dog under the photo

"I wonder what it would be like to work as a hairdresser?"

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re in the right place! 

Maybe you’re thinking that when you leave school, a career in hair could be right for you. Or you might be an adult thinking about retraining and starting something new. Whatever your reason for thinking bout working in hair, there’s three reasons right off the bat that it’s worth considering:

Lee Stafford dog logo
Lee Stafford dog logo
Lee Stafford dog logo
A montage of three images. One is a group of six women all dressed in pink with Lee Stafford kneeling in front of them dressed in black and wearing a baseball cap. A photo of Lee Stafford and a female student cutting a mannequin head's hair. A photo of someone cutting a clients hair and someone in the background cutting a mannequin head's hair.

Be happy & be creative – choose hairdressing!

What’s hairdressing all about? Well, hairdressing is all about making people feel good.

People come to you as a professional as they want you to make their hair look amazing.  

Once they’re in your chair, that’s your chance to express your creativity, do some fantastic work, throw in some excellent banter and show off what you can do to your client. 

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of doing a fantastic haircut and one of your clients absolutely loving it. 

They’ll leave happy, you’ll be chuffed that you’ve done amazing work and you’ll find yourself loving your new job in hairdressing.


Start your hairdressing journey

So, think a job where you’ll be happy, be able to express your creativity and potentially work anywhere in the world might be for you?

We can’t say we blame you there – it’s an amazing job, so let’s get started with your hairdressing journey!

At East Durham College, we’re very proud to be part of Lee Stafford Education. 

Set up by Lee Stafford, celebrity hairdresser and inventor of all those amazing pink bottles of product you’ll see in your local salons and chemists, LSE will allow you to:

  • Learn Award-Winning Techniques
  • Connect with Leaders In Hair
  • Become Industry Ready 

Now that you’re thinking about what it would be like to have a career in hair, where will you go to start it? 

Well we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too much, but the answer is East Durham College!

We’re the perfect place to start your new and exciting job. With us, you’ll:

Lee Stafford dog logo
Lee Stafford dog logo
Lee Stafford dog logo

Are you ready to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Apply for a course at EDC using the button below.
  2. We’ll invite you in for a chat with our lecturers and a potential tour around our amazing facilities.
  3. You’ll begin your exciting new journey in the hair industry once you enrol next summer!

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