Staff Recruitment Services

We find you the best people while you get on with your day job.

To make the process of recruitment as smooth for you as it can possibly be, we offer a thorough and highly effective recruitment programme.

We make it our business to view candidates individually. We assess their skills (offering skills training where appropriate) and gauge their attitudes to basic work requirements, e.g. attendance, punctuality and work ethic.

So what you see at the end of the process are people who are ready, waiting, willing and qualified to work - and that’s all you’ll see. They’ll even have their application form filled in. Correctly.

Despite the fact that every recruitment programme we run is tailor-made for each company, there is no charge for this service. But the savings in time for you can be enormous - with the obvious cost efficiencies that go with it.

If you wish, we can also arrange work trials to give you further knowledge of candidates before the interview rounds commence.

Our successful pre-employment programme ensures that by the time your recruitment starts the candidates have acquired job specific skills.

We have already worked very successfully with the likes of Walkers, Mission Foods and Tesco - helping them to find high calibre, highly-motivated staff.

We also work directly with agencies such as Jobcentre Plus, helping to support individuals looking to gain employment.

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For more details or to make an appointment, please contact our Employer Engagement team on 0191 518 5508 or email