Engineering Workshops

Our engineering facilities are diverse and comprehensive, providing a wide range of tools and machines to help you gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of engineering.

Our workshops boast an array of equipment, including a 3D printer, a CAD machine, a foot-operated guillotine for slicing metal sheets, lathe machines, bench and power grinders, chop saws, and even thermal and oxidizing cutting apparatus.

We also have tool-making machinery and equipment to ensure that all dimensions are 100% accurate, as it can be frustrating to spend time creating something fantastic only to find out it's the wrong size. Additionally, our 6-bay ventilated welding workshop provides a safe environment for learning the fundamentals of welding, including TIG, STICK, and MIG welding, all while wearing industry-standard PPE.

There's so much more to our facilities than we can list here, so we encourage you to visit us at one of our open evenings and explore for yourself!

Featured Facilities